At PHD Access, we prioritise the holistic well-being of our team members. Our commitment extends beyond the workplace, reflecting our belief that a thriving workforce is the cornerstone of success. Through targeted initiatives, we aim to foster a supportive environment that promotes physical health, mental wellness, and work-life balance.

Stop the Drop Safety Demo

PHD Access recently conducted a series of engaging ‘Stop the Drop’ sessions during Construction Safety Month, collaborating with industry leaders. Through innovative demonstrations, including dropping scaffolding equipment onto pumpkins and watermelons to emphasise helmet safety, we trained over 200 operatives. Led by our dedicated team members, the success of these sessions earned accolades from our client’s regional manager and site leads.

Construction Wellness Festival

In collaboration with Powerday, PHD Access made history with our Construction Wellness Festival at Sunbury’s Hazelwood Centre on 27th April. This inaugural event, attended by over 120 participants, prioritised well-being with diverse activities such as talks by Esmee Gummer, fitness sessions by Construction Sport and Looseheadz, Puppy Therapy, yoga, HIIT workouts, and more. The day fostered camaraderie, featuring a rugby game, a barbecue, and the symbolic Ice Bath Challenge. This groundbreaking festival highlights the industry’s commitment to employee well-being.

Lighthouse Charity Supporter

For the past five years, PHD has steadfastly championed the cause of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity (LCIC). This enduring commitment underscores PHD’s dedication to the well-being of construction workers and their families. The LCIC stands as the sole charity offering comprehensive support encompassing emotional, physical, and financial well-being within the construction industry.

Enter the Ice Challenge

PHD Access, alongside Powerday, ConstructionSport, and Superbeam, orchestrated an invigorating event – ENTER THE ICE. This unique ice bath challenge aimed not only to push physical boundaries but to delve into the profound benefits of cold-water therapy on our mental health.

London Irish Wellbeing Mini-series

PHD collaborated with London Irish Rugby in a two-part mini-series that centred on health, well-being, and Irish pride as part of our sponsorship with the team. The first video, led by London Irish’s Psychologist, Michael Roberts, offered three quick tips for stress relief. In the second video, stretch conditioning coaches Matt Lamin, along with players Ben Donnell and Caolan Englefield, showcased three simple yet effective stretches designed to rejuvenate the body after a demanding workday. This partnership celebrated the spirit of Irish pride and community while promoting holistic health.

Tea & Talk Event, L&Q

The team at our L&Q site were spoilt for choice when PHD Site Administrator, Natalie, arranged a Tea and Talk event for them. Staff took an hour out of their day to speak openly about mental health and how to break the stigma within the construction industry, whilst also donating an amazing £103.97 to the Mental Health Foundation!

Together We Can Make A Difference Video

n 2019, our mental health awareness video aimed to break the stigma surrounding mental health, delivering a powerful message of unity: ‘together, we can make a difference.’ Featuring staff from various sites and our central office, the video received positive feedback for its inclusive approach.

This video was part of a broader campaign encouraging open conversations about mental health among our site staff. Following its success, we intensified our commitment to mental health with initiatives like first aid training for directors and site managers.

We also organised mental health awareness days, fostering an ongoing dialogue within PHD about well-being and support.