Mast Climbers provide fast, efficient and affordable temporary access to a wide range of construction and maintenance work. Unlike conventional scaffolding, the entire platform moves with the works, so the operator can spend more time on productive tasks.

Mast Climbers
Average Call Out Time


Mast Climbers contribute towards a better working environment, are highly cost-efficient, provide enhanced safety and site security, whilst also being ecologically sound. Because mast climbers require significantly less components and anchor points compared to that of traditional access solutions, installation times can be dramatically reduced. Saving valuable time and starting any building project off on the best possible footing.

Site safety and security are also enhanced as each Mast Climber platform can have its power turned off leaving it inaccessible and safe when not in use. Additionally, risk of fire is reduced, as most platforms do not completely shroud a building in materials, and a design from the ground up can be completely flame retardant. Because they efficiently take each worker, their tools, and materials directly to where they are needed, worker fatigue and risk is lessened. Helping tradespeople to operate optimally at height, fostering increased site safety whilst also contributing towards a significant overall project time saving.

Having less of an interface with the building’s façade means impact of work on the structure is minimized. Requiring a reduced number of anchor points, being configurable as either single or double work areas, and because they’re easily manoeuvrable, Mast Climbers give you exactly what you need where you need it. Helping construction companies continue to drive towards a greener, more sustainable building industry.



Effective for transporting workers and materials


Enables operatives to complete work from optimum heights


Reduces project time by up to 35% if used in right environment


Cuts down on worker fatigue, reducing chance of accident


No job is too complex


PHD are able to offer a range of different Mast Climber capabilities, from light to heavy duty applications. We have successfully designed and delivered two-tiered mast climber positions, which allows multiple access for separate trades on one elevation at a time, significantly reducing the construction programme.

We have continued to invest in training and recently opened our IPAF Training Centre for approved MCWPs courses, including installers, operators, and demonstrators. On completion, attendees receive a certification and a PAL card that lasts for five years.


In 2015, Hoists & Masts Ltd joined the PHD family, providing Building Hoists and Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) to supplement and support the core business of Scaffolding and Access.

We have worked on a variety of locations across the world, including UK, Ireland, Denmark, Dubai, and the Bahamas, for many construction sectors including residential, commercial, heritage and rail.

PHD are innovators and no project is too complex! We successfully designed a bespoke Mast Climber with deck extensions to be transported down the vent shafts at Bond Street Station for the Crossrail development. Other high-end projects include the Woodberry Down residential project, Cabot Circus in Bristol, London Dock Development, Swale River Crossing Flyover on Isle of Sheppy, and Westminster City Hall.