Marble Arch Mound

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FM Conway



Sustainability was an important consideration in the design of Marble Arch Mound. As a temporary structure, it was critical to ensure that there was as little waste as possible once it’s removed. The scaffolding structure can of course be disassembled and reused, while the elements that make up the top layer, wood, soil, grass and trees, will all find new uses in nearby gardens and parks.

The Vision

Designed by acclaimed architects MVRDV, the hollowed out mound will redefine the connection between Oxford Street and Hyde Park while giving visitors rare views over the park, Marble Arch and into Oxford Street. The mound is based on a scaffolding structure built and engineered by PHD Access in conjunction with Overlay Events and is covered by natural grass and trees which were installed by Project7 Construction.

This bespoke structure was created to manifest the council’s wider vision for the district of a Greener Smarter Future Together.

The Experience

Visitors will climb to the 25-metre peak via a path that winds its way up to the summit. When reaching the top, a viewing deck will offer 360-degrees views down Oxford Street and into Hyde Park, offering views never seen before by the wider public.

On their way down, visitors will descend into the heart of the Mound, a hollowed-out space that will be used as a café, shop and exhibition space. The exit leads visitors to Marble Arch and the adjacent public space leading to Oxford Street and Hyde Park.

What PHD Supplied

For such a high-profile project in the centre of the West End which would be open to the public, the client needed to choose a scaffolding company with proven experience who could be trusted to execute the ambitious plans. PHD Access were chosen and erected the entire 25 metre high structure in 21 days.

Solid design: Collaboration between PHD’s in-house design team and Layher UK meant that the design accounted for every risk. The structure was required to withstand significant loading in the form sedum, plants, trees and foliage in addition to the public access.

The Structure

The total weight of the structure was in excess of 130 tonnes and to counter this PHD utilised Layher system scaffolding to adequately distribute the load to ground level. There were 498 legs (including the doubled legs and the internal infills), made out of 2144 standards, and more than 25,000 scaffolding components in place in total.

As part of the attraction PHD were tasked with establishing an internal events space; this was formed from Layher FW System beams spanning approximately 10 m and accompanied with Layher Protect panelling to create an aesthetically and acoustically secure environment.

The structure utilised public access stairs to a loading of 5KN/m2 and is fully compliant with building regulations. To enhance public safety at the venue PHD fabricated bespoke handrails to a height of 2m which prevented falls whilst also maintaining views of the surrounding area.