Health & Safety

Above everything else that we do here at PHD, Safety, Health, Environment & Quality are our top priorities. Our Mantra ‘Safety by Choice, Not by Chance’ is one that is echoed throughout every part of our company from our office staff to our operatives on site.

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CISRS Trained Operatives
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The scaffolding industry has long been defined by its intricate rules and regulations. From induction procedures to scaffold tag displays, toe boards, bridge guards, and manual handling techniques, the complexities can sometimes overshadow the paramount need for safety and adherence.

Recognizing this challenge, PHD Access has revolutionized the sector with the Visual Standards for Construction Site Practices booklet; the first of its kind in the scaffolding industry.


Our state-of-the-art VR Visual Standards Game revolutionises the learning experience by immersing professionals in a virtual construction site where they can actively apply the standards they have studied. This dynamic and interactive approach not only makes learning more engaging but also ensures that safety protocols and best practices are deeply ingrained through practical, hands-on practice. By stepping into this virtual environment, users can confidently reinforce their knowledge and skills in a realistic and impactful way.

Additionally, we actively use our VR Game at career fairs and schools to spark interest in the scaffolding industry. By providing students and job seekers with a firsthand look at the exciting and essential work involved in scaffolding, we aim to inspire the next generation of professionals. This immersive experience helps to highlight the importance of safety and best practices, making the industry more accessible and appealing to newcomers.

Health & Wellbeing

We believe that the Health and well-being of our employees is just as important as their safety. Did you know that 57% of all working days are lost to ill health? We monitor the health of our employees on site with ‘Fit For Work Safety Critical Medicals’ and frequent wellbeing assessments. We also source a private therapist when required and make sure employees are given support to make the correct lifestyle change or receive the correct treatment.

We are passionate about raising awareness and understanding around the importance of good mental health across PHD and the industry-as-a-whole. PHD are committed to removing the stigma and ending discrimination around mental health through our pro-active approach.

All our Site Managers and Directors have been trained in Mental Health First Aid and we have implemented new mental health initiatives to provide an informal network for anyone needing to talk or find support in times of difficulty or stress. Our Mental Health Initiative is to create and sustain a platform to address Mental Health as a priority within the workplace. This platform will research, provide services, and focus on mental health.



1-Day Company Inductions including latest SG4, TG20 &SG6 training.


Red, Orange & Green initiative cards for monitoring and rewarding performance.

Alert System

Text Message alert system with weather warnings, Training reminders etc.


“Your Shout” anonymous feedback cards across all our sites. Scan QR code for digital responses.


Monthly Newsletter keeping all at PHD up to date with the latest news.

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks of the Month focusing on key industry subjects. Utilise analytics to focus on key areas.


PHD hold annual H&S Seminars. These feature talks from leaders in the Health & Safety industry.


Monthly HSEQ Meetings & Safety Committee Meetings. Monitoring of Health & Safety KPIs.


We believe that responsible behaviour and our choices affects our communities, our people, and our environment. Everybody is taught to take responsibility, to care for themselves and to look out for others.

One such initiative; the red, amber, green monitoring card system has proved to be a priceless mechanism for operatives’ continuous improvement towards attitude to Safety & Health. Good performance is rewarded through our very own PHD Scratch card and the HSEQ Team have measurable data that demonstrates the effectiveness of the card system.

A successful initiative is our “Your Shout” anonymous feedback form, found digitally via a QR code on posters across all our sites. The feedback is discussed in Senior Management meetings every month.


PHD hold an annual Health & Safety Seminar to communicate our expected standards in Health, Safety & Well-being; and to share PHD’s exciting strategy for the future. The seminars are an opportunity to reinforce our company values whilst also keeping our staff abreast of best practice in the industry.