Jobs & Economic Growth

PHD Access contributes significantly to economic growth, enhancing the prosperity of the regions where we operate. Beyond providing essential scaffolding solutions, we actively support local economies by creating job opportunities and engaging with local businesses.

Minecraft x HMS Victory

In 2022, as part of our project for HMS Victory, we wanted to inspire local students to consider careers in the construction industry. By showing them the similarities between Minecraft and designing scaffolding in 3D, the children learnt that the games they play as hobbies could be transferred into real-life careers.

Teachers acknowledged the game’s impact, recognising the potential to translate industry technology used in the industry into a format understandable for students.

“They get to see outside of the classroom and how Minecraft can be used for real-life events.”

Tackling the Perception of Scaffolders

PHD is determined to reshape the public perception of our industry by unveiling the true nature of scaffolding and the individuals behind it. A skilled scaffolder requires the skills of problem-solving, creative intelligence, and dependability. To gain insights into this perspective, we sat down with Henry Annafi, the Training Officer of the NAS, and Vlad Bostan, a contracts manager at PHD to find out their thoughts on the general publics and construction industries perception of scaffolders.

Read Vlad’s Story & Henry’s Story

‘Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Scaffolder’ VR Game

We want to find the next generation of experts to work for PHD. So, we designed a VR experience to see if they have what it takes to spot hazards, solves problems and work at heights. he simulation challenges the player to find five hazards while making their way around virtual scaffolding on a skyscraper.

The game aims to give the player an idea of what it is like to work at heights and a range of health and safety hazards they would need to be aware of.

HS2 Educational Visit

In March 2022, PHD Access arranged a visit for a group of local students from St Joan of Arc School to a nearby HS2 site as part of a school project. Among the students were Charlie and Niamh, both studying Geography, Economics, and Business Studies at A-level. They are actively engaged in a special project examining the impact of HS2 in the local area, drawing connections to their academic subjects.

The students learnt about some of the positive impacts that the project strives to do such as supporting local businesses and re-planting three trees for every one that needs to be removed. Another positive contribution that the Align project has delivered was to use the chalk and soil excavations for landscaping a play area at a local primary school.

Careers and Employment Fairs

PHD actively participates in numerous Career and Employment Fairs annually, engaging with diverse audiences, including secondary school students, college and university attendees, and individuals seeking employment. At these events, we spotlight our prestigious projects, provide hands-on experiences with the personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by our on-site teams, and discuss our various programmes. Additionally, we offer live demonstrations on the assembly of scaffold towers to enhance the fair attendees’ understanding.

Primary School Career Topics

In 2019, PHD visited Sacred Heart Primary School in Ruislip, inspiring Year 5 students to consider careers in the construction industry. The team led an interactive presentation challenging students to guess PPE points, estimate scaffold tube weight, and explore industry roles. A live build of a 2m3 birdcage and a VR headset showcasing different scaffolding builds added excitement. The Q&A session emphasised safety measures.

Employment Schemes

PHD offers a range of employment schemes reflecting our commitment to a skilled and inclusive workforce. Our Apprenticeship Scheme provides practical experience and essential qualifications, while the Veterans Scheme supports military leavers and reservists in transitioning to a second career. The Graduate Scheme welcomes fresh talent into the construction sector. Our Returning Citizens Scheme provides opportunities for ex-offenders, emphasizing rehabilitation and workforce reintegration. These schemes embody our dedication to inclusivity and skill development, contributing to a diverse and capable workforce.

Local employment on sites

By prioritising local talent, we contribute to a reduction in transport journeys, consequently mitigating CO2 emissions and fostering environmental responsibility. Beyond environmental benefits, our emphasis on local hiring significantly contributes to economic growth in the surrounding areas. By providing job opportunities within the community, we play a vital role in strengthening the local economy and supporting the prosperity of the regions where we operate. This integrated approach aligns with our dedication to both environmental stewardship and the economic well-being of the communities we serve.

Kickstart Scheme

Participating in the government’s Kickstart Scheme, PHD utilised funding to create an employment opportunity for a 16 to 24-year-old at risk of long-term unemployment. Offering a vacancy for a marketing assistant, we successfully recruited Ava through a brief interview process. Ava worked hard over the course of a year within our Marketing Department, and during her annual appraisal, expressed a keen interest is developing her skill set within the commercial team.

Ava now holds the position of Assistant Quantity Surveyor in our Hoists & Masts department. This success story exemplifies the positive impact of the Kickstart Scheme in providing valuable opportunities and facilitating career progression within our company.