Diversity is at the heart of PHD Access, driving innovation and success in our dynamic workplace. We celebrate the unique perspectives and talents that each team member brings, fostering an inclusive environment that values differences. Our commitment goes beyond rhetoric; it is ingrained in our hiring practices, professional development, and community engagements.

Visual Standards

At PHD Access, we’ve introduced a groundbreaking Visual Standards Booklet titled ‘Visual Standards for Construction Site Practices,’ which aims to rewrite the rules of the scaffolding industry. This industry-first publication simplifies complex procedures and eliminates language barriers through vivid 3D illustrations, making it an essential resource for construction professionals.

Tackling the Perception of Scaffolders

PHD is determined to reshape the public perception of our industry by unveiling the true nature of scaffolding and the individuals behind it. A skilled scaffolder requires the skills of problem-solving, creative intelligence, and dependability. To gain insights into this perspective, we sat down with Henry Annafi, the Training Officer of the NAS, and Vlad Bostan, a contracts manager at PHD to find out their thoughts on the general publics and construction industries perception of scaffolders.

Read Vlad’s Story & Henry’s Story


Armed Forces Covenant

In May 2019, we signed the Armed Forces Covenant, and engaged with the Ministry of Defence’s official provider of Armed Forces resettlement, the Career Transition Partnership (CTP). Currently, we are Silver Award holders of the AFC’s Employer Recognition Scheme, showcasing our understanding of the benefits and value military leavers can bring to our company.


At PHD Access, we wholeheartedly endorse and actively participate in the Fairness, Inclusion, and Respect (FIR) programme—an industry-wide initiative dedicated to enhancing workplace environments for everyone. Recognising the pivotal role of FIR in addressing the industry-wide skills shortage, we are committed to promoting its principles to attract, recruit, train, and retain the diverse skills needed in our sector.

In alignment with our vision for a more inclusive built environment, we extend this call to action to all our subcontractors and supply chain partners, urging collective efforts to create a sector that not only meets the expectations of stakeholders but also fosters an environment that values and embraces diversity, inclusion, and respect.

Apprenticeship Scheme

Our Apprenticeship Scheme is tailored for individuals aged 16 and above aspiring to become skilled scaffolders. The two-year programme offers a comprehensive learning experience, encompassing terminology, equipment familiarity, on-site knowledge, and the attainment of an NVQ Level 2 in Scaffolding and Accessing Operations and Rigging.

Returning Citizens Scheme

As a part of PHD’s continued initiatives to tackle labour market challenges, we are proud to have been involved in the NASC’s recently launched Returning Citizens campaign. “Returning citizens” is the term used by the NASC for ex-offenders, emphasizing the belief that individuals who have served a custodial sentence for a past crime deserve the opportunity to transform their lives. Our eagerness to assist those seeking a second chance upon leaving the prison system led us at PHD to create our own Returning Citizens Programme in collaboration with the NASC.

Service Leavers & Veterans Scheme

Acknowledging the challenges of transitioning careers, PHD understands the significance of mastering the finer details to excel as a manager or director. Introducing our tailored Veteran Scheme, specifically designed for military leavers and reservists! This programme allows you to accumulate hands-on experience, equipping you with the necessary qualifications to forge a successful second career.

Overcoming Adversity

PHD are delighted to see one of our scaffolders, Gordon Vandrill, featured in an article in ScaffMag talking about how he managed to overcome losing a leg and go back to work as a scaffolder!