Women in the Industry: Rianne’s Story

Published: Jun 25 2024

As part of our new marketing campaign ‘Women in the Industry’, we spoke to Rianne Johnson, one of our scaffolders on the Princes House project about her career journey and her opinions on gender diversity in the scaffolding industry. During our conversation, Rianne covers everything from how she started out, her gratitude towards her colleagues, and the messages she wants to convey to other women in this industry.

Anybody Can!

When asked if she could send out a message to women who want to join the industry, Rianne said,

If I could do it, anybody can! Don’t let anybody put you off. You’re always going to have different opinions in mind. Just be mindful that maybe they’ll try to put you off because they can’t do it. They are not brave enough. Don’t let anything or anybody ever put you off!

The Aftermath

After the video went live on social media, we received positive engagement for the campaign.  Henry Annafi, Training Manager, NASC reposted our video on LinkedIn, saying:

This is truly inspiring. So proud of this young lady, of PHD and the environment that you create to make all of this possible.

Women In The Industry Campaign

Our campaign focuses on the women within PHD, and their stories. We believe that a diverse team fosters creativity, innovation, and a more dynamic work environment. In a recent Simian report, it was found that women make up only 15% of the whole construction workforce. However, this has been steadily growing, with 37% of new construction workers being women. Simian, 2024 [Women In Construction Week 2024: The State of Women in UK Construction | National Apprenticeship Week (simian-risk.com).

We hope our campaign will encourage more women to join the industry.