PHD Access Praised by ISG Project Manager for Innovation and Expertise

Published: May 14 2024

In a recent testimonial review, Michael Green, Project Manager at ISG, lauded PHD Access for their exemplary services and innovative solutions in the construction industry. The collaboration between ISG and PHD Access on a complex project proved fruitful, with PHD Access demonstrating their expertise through the utilisation of advanced technologies like 3D design and BIM Level 2.

Green highlighted PHD Access’s ability to consistently provide unique insights and solutions, stating,

They’ve always got something to bring to the table.

This sentiment was echoed by PHD Access’s commitment to bespoke temporary works, which proved instrumental in overcoming project challenges.

proactive approach

Moreover, Green praised PHD Access for their proactive approach, noting instances where they presented solutions that surpassed expectations.

PHD is really good at coming up with new innovations to help our lives be a bit easier

-Green remarked

The testimonial underscores PHD Access’s position as a leading provider of scaffolding solutions, with a reputation for innovation, expertise, and dedication to client satisfaction.