We’ve attended the Green Construction Jobfest!

Published: May 16 2024

On 15th of May, PHD Access was invited to the Green Construction Jobfest. Natalie Taylor, our Site Administrator & Apprenticeship Coordinator, took the opportunity to explain how PHD could be a potential employer for someone interested in the construction industry, and how we at PHD take sustainability to a different level.

Green Jobfest

PHD Access was delighted to be part of this first-ever Green Construction Jobfest, hosted by LASC and Waltham Forest. The event focuses on the companies that keep the environment and minimising their carbon footprints as one of their top priorities. We are continuously working on driving our Corporate Social Responsibility in several ways.

VR Headset

The star of the show was our VR headset. The VR game allowed the job seekers to experience the thrill of height and challenged them to identify and correct 5 health and safety risks as they walked around the scaffolding, all whilst being timed!

Apprenticeship Programme

If you are interested in the construction industry, we offer a two-year paid apprenticeship scheme for anyone over 16 years.

This amazing opportunity will give you an idea about the scaffolding industry, gain onsite knowledge, along with attaining an NVQ level 2 in Scaffolding, Accessing Operations, and Rigging.

Achievements in Sustainability - HMS Victory

One of our prestigious projects which we have achieved sustainability goals on is the restoration of HMS Victory. This heritage restoration project is being restored for future generations to see this beautiful piece of history.

As part of our sustainability goals, we have taken some important measures to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible. We have done this by having a 100% hybrid fleet, introducing the ‘No Idling’ campaign, and by choosing Layher Scaffolding System for our scaffolding and temporary roof build around the HMS Victory site.

During the initial build stage, we were able to save over 23 tonnes of carbon emissions by placing our site workers in nearby hotels, and specifically choosing Site Inspectors who lived closer to the project site. As with all our sites, we use Field View software, which reduces the use of paper on sites and can give live and accurate analytics.

Choosing Layher

We choose Layher as our primary scaffolding choice due to its intelligently engineered design, offering multifaceted advantages.

Due to its lightweight nature, and efficient use of space, we were able to load 12% more scaffolding into our vehicles, reducing multiple deliveries, and subsequently curbing the associated CO2 emissions.