Kickstart Scheme Success Story: Ava’s Journey

Published: Feb 7 2024

In a bid to combat long-term unemployment among young individuals, the government’s Kickstart Scheme has been a beacon of hope for many. Ava, who started as a marketing assistant through the Kickstart Scheme, now holds the position of Assistant Quantity Surveyor in PHD’s Hoists & Masts department. We caught up with Ava to delve into her journey and how the Kickstart Scheme has impacted her career trajectory.

Ava's Experience

Ava, can you briefly describe your experience with the Kickstart Scheme at PHD?

“Joining PHD as part of the Kickstart Scheme was a great opportunity for me. As someone unsure about my career path, it allowed me to gain experience in various departments, particularly marketing. It opened my eyes to the diverse opportunities within the construction industry and provided invaluable exposure to a professional environment.”

How did the interview process at PHD contribute to your successful recruitment?

“The interview process at PHD was detailed yet clear about expectations. The positive atmosphere, coupled with the interviewer’s enthusiasm, made me feel welcomed. I gained a clear understanding of the marketing team’s goals and received the necessary support and tools to achieve them.”

Career Progression

During your year in the Marketing Department, what skills did you develop, and how did they contribute to your career progression?

“My time in the marketing department was a tremendous learning experience. I acquired skills in data analysis, platform utilisation, and navigating a professional environment. These skills laid a solid foundation for my career progression and instilled confidence in my abilities.”

How did the annual appraisal process at PHD support your career aspirations?

“The annual appraisal process was pivotal for me. It showcased PHD’s support for exploring different career paths and provided constructive feedback to identify my strengths. This guidance was instrumental in planning the best trajectory for my professional development.”

What motivated you to transition from a marketing role to becoming an Assistant Quantity Surveyor in the Hoists & Masts department?

“My transition to the commercial sector stemmed from curiosity and encouragement from PHD to explore diverse roles. I relished the opportunity to continue learning and developing new skills. Each day presents a chance to broaden my knowledge, making the transition an exciting prospect.”

How has the Kickstart Scheme positively impacted your professional growth and development?

“The Kickstart Scheme provided a vital entry point into the workforce and allowed me to shape my career path. Working with PHD has been an enriching experience, and I feel fortunate to have accessed such opportunities.”

A Testament to Kickstart Scheme's Impact

Ava’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of initiatives like the Kickstart Scheme in fostering career progression and providing tangible pathways to success. Through support, guidance, and opportunities for exploration, Ava’s story serves as an inspiration for young individuals embarking on their professional endeavours.