PHD Access Promotes Construction Safety with ‘Stop the Drop’ Sessions

Published: Oct 23 2023

PHD Access has conducted a series of engaging ‘Stop the Drop’ sessions during Construction Safety Month in October 2023.

Commitment to safety and quality

The ‘Stop the Drop’ sessions were aimed at raising awareness and preventing accidents caused by falling objects on construction sites. PHD Access collaborated with industry leaders from over 8 companies to deliver the sessions to over 200 operatives across various projects.

The sessions involved innovative demonstrations, such as dropping scaffolding equipment onto pumpkins and watermelons, to emphasise the importance of wearing helmets and securing tools and materials. The sessions also covered topics such as risk assessment, tool tethering, and emergency procedures.

The ‘Stop the Drop’ sessions were led by PHD Access’s dedicated team members, Peter Hemphill, Max McCormack, Niall Burgess and Johnny Scanlon, who shared their expertise and experience with the operatives.

The success of the sessions earned accolades from the client’s regional manager and site leads, who praised PHD Access for their commitment to safety and quality.

culture of safety and excellence

PHD Access said they were proud to be part of the Construction Safety Month initiative and hoped to inspire a culture of safety and excellence in the industry.

We are passionate about promoting construction safety and reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities on site. We believe that education and engagement are key to achieving this goal. We are grateful to our industry partners for their support and collaboration, and to our team members for their enthusiasm and professionalism. We hope that the ‘Stop the Drop’ sessions will have a lasting impact on the operatives and the industry as a whole,”

said PHD Access General Manager, Johnny Scanlon.