Community Clean Up Event Brightens Hurst Lane

Published: Sep 27 2023

PHD Access recently spearheaded a transformative Community Clean Up Event at Hurst Lane, generating immense enthusiasm among local residents. The event served as a collective effort to elevate the road’s visual appeal and overall charm.

The event, which spanned the entire day, saw volunteers engage in a range of activities aimed at enhancing the local environment. Their efforts included cleaning and painting road signage, installing fencing to prevent fly-tipping in recently cleared areas, and repairing and painting concrete bollards, all in response to a resident’s suggestion. The team also installed dark screening behind the tree line to obscure yard equipment, preserving the tranquil country ambiance that characterises the lane.

Community Collaboration at its Best

Additionally, the volunteers sympathetically cut back the verge and tree line without detracting from the lane’s natural charm, and they worked on the front of some neighbours’ properties as agreed upon. It was heartening to see such dedication and enthusiasm among the participants, ranging from the company’s junior staff to the Managing Director, who rolled up his sleeves and joined in the effort.

Gratitude and Community Spirit Shine Through

One delightful surprise during the day was the generosity of the lane’s residents, who treated the hardworking team to ice creams, much appreciated on a warm and sunny day. Passers-by also provided positive feedback, and the event served as an excellent opportunity to address any concerns raised by the community.

PHD Access expressed their gratitude to the community for its support and participation. In the spirit of continued collaboration, we have announced plans to organise another community event in the upcoming months.

Enhancing Public Access and Green Spaces

In addition to our Clean Up Event, we’re proud to highlight our ongoing partnership with Runnymede Borough Council. Together, we are diligently working to reinstate the public footpath around the site’s perimeter, directly responding to the requests of our local residents. While we couldn’t complete the full-length trimming of the tree line and verges along the lane on the day, we want to assure everyone that we are committed to finishing what we started. This ongoing commitment reflects our dedication to both environmental improvement and the betterment of our shared community.

A Brighter, More Unified Community

The PHD Access Community Clean-Up Event exemplified the positive impact that a united community and local businesses can have when they work together. It not only improved the aesthetics of Hurst Lane but also strengthened the bonds among its residents, leaving a lasting legacy of cooperation and community spirit.