PHD Access Introduces Game-Changing ‘Visual Standards for Construction Site Practices’

Published: Sep 7 2023

In a groundbreaking move, PHD Access has rewritten the rules of the scaffolding industry with the introduction of our innovative Visual Standards Booklet, ‘Visual Standards for Construction Site Practices.’ Breaking down language barriers and simplifying complex procedures, this industry-first publication features vivid 3D illustrations, making it a must-have resource for construction professionals.

The scaffolding industry has long been defined by its intricate rules and regulations. From induction procedures to scaffold tag displays, toe boards, bridge guards, and manual handling techniques, the complexities can sometimes overshadow the paramount need for safety and adherence. Recognizing this challenge, PHD Access has revolutionized the sector with the booklet, the first of its kind in the scaffolding industry.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

At the heart of this groundbreaking booklet are detailed 3D illustrations that leave no room for ambiguity. Each page is a visual masterpiece, providing a crystal-clear depiction of the do’s and don’ts of scaffolding. With minimal reliance on language, the booklet surpasses communication barriers, making it accessible to a diverse range of professionals, regardless of their linguistic background.

Comprehensive Coverage

PHD Access’s booklet doesn’t just scratch the surface; it delves deep into critical aspects of scaffolding. From outlining daily task briefing protocols to demonstrating confined spaces, loading/offloading, material storage spaces, and tethered tools, the booklet covers the A to Z of scaffolding practices.

With this comprehensive resource, professionals can enhance their understanding of best practices and safety measures, ultimately creating a safer work environment.

On-Site Integration

PHD Access’s commitment to safety doesn’t stop at publishing this groundbreaking booklet. Our initial rollout plan includes placing a copy of the Visual Standards Booklet on every construction site. PHD are involved in. This proactive approach ensures that each project benefits from the invaluable insights contained within.

Furthermore, there are plans for a second rollout, specifically targeting Part 1 and Part 2 scaffolders, ensuring that knowledge and safety standards are consistently elevated across the board.

A Visionary Step Forward: VR Visual Standards Game

Looking beyond the booklet, PHD Access is forging ahead with a third phase of innovation. We are excited to introduce our cutting-edge VR Visual Standards Game. This immersive experience takes learning to a whole new level, allowing professionals to step into a virtual construction site and practice the standards they’ve learned from ‘Visual Standards for Construction Site Practices.’ It’s an engaging, hands-on approach to reinforcing safety protocols and best practices.

PHD Access is not just transforming scaffolding; we’re revolutionizing the way professionals train and ensure safety in their daily work.

A Safer Tomorrow

In a sector where precision and adherence to safety standards are non-negotiable, PHD Access’s ‘Visual Standards for Construction Site Practices,’ accompanied by our VR Visual Standards Game, emerges as a game-changer. By removing language barriers and providing comprehensive, interactive guidance, we empower professionals to make informed decisions that prioritize safety above all else.

As this pioneering resource continues to gain traction, it’s clear that PHD Access is shaping the future of scaffolding practices, one innovative step at a time.