Celebrating 5 Years with Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

Published: Sep 25 2023

PHD Access proudly commemorates its five-year partnership with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity. This collaboration underscores PHD Access’s commitment to prioritising the wellbeing of construction workers and their families.

Addressing Mental Health Challenges

In an industry traditionally characterised by its male-dominated nature, issues concerning mental health often remain unaddressed due to stigma and reluctance to discuss personal struggles. Recognising this challenge, PHD Access has taken proactive steps to advocate for the emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing of construction professionals.

A Commitment to Support

Olly Mansell, HSEQ Director at PHD Access, emphasised the company’s dedication to supporting the construction community.

Good emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing are paramount, especially in an industry as demanding as construction,” Mansell remarked. “We firmly believe in making a tangible difference in the lives of construction workers and their families by supporting initiatives that raise awareness and provide crucial assistance.”

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity stands as a beacon of support within the construction community, offering a comprehensive range of services to address various challenges faced by workers and their loved ones. From mental health support to financial guidance, the charity remains steadfast in its mission to foster a healthier and more resilient industry.

Partnership and Collaboration

“Our partnership with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity aligns with our values of compassion, support, and solidarity,” emphasised Mansell. “By joining forces with such a reputable organisation, we aim to amplify efforts in promoting mental health awareness and ensuring that those in need feel empowered to seek assistance.”

Central to the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity’s mission is its 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline, providing a lifeline for individuals grappling with personal or professional challenges. This confidential support resource, accessible at 0345 605 1956, highlights the charity’s commitment to offering immediate assistance whenever it’s needed most.

Reaffirming Dedication

As we mark this significant milestone in our partnership with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, we reaffirm our dedication to fostering a culture of wellbeing and support within the construction sector. Through ongoing collaboration and advocacy, PHD Access remains steadfast in our pursuit of a healthier, more resilient industry for all.

For further information about the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and its range of support services, visit their website at www.lighthouseclub.org.