Construction Wellness Festival

Published: May 15 2023

PHD Access and Powerday Host Inaugural Construction Wellness Festival Promoting Employee Well-being.

Sunbury’s Hazelwood Centre witnessed an extraordinary event on Thursday, April 27th, as PHD Access and Powerday, two prominent names in the construction and waste management industries, joined forces to organise their first-ever Construction Wellness Festival.

The festival aimed to prioritise the physical and mental well-being of employees and clients, creating a platform for relaxation, rejuvenation, and camaraderie.

From the late morning, the Hazelwood Centre was abuzz with excitement as over 120 attendees gathered to partake in a variety of wellness activities.

The festival offered a diverse range of experiences, ensuring there was something for everyone.


The day kicked off with a Wellness Talk by renowned fitness trainer Esmée Gummer, who shared valuable insights on overcoming mental and physical health and learning how to say ‘YES’ now. Alongside Gummer, Construction Sport and LooseHeadz, leading proponents of mental fitness, conducted an engaging session emphasising the importance of sport and overall well-being.

To encourage a sense of serenity and relaxation, attendees were treated to Puppy Therapy sessions by Paws in Work, where adorable canines provided unconditional love and affection.

The festival also featured two types of yoga led by expert instructor Jess Fraser, allowing participants to stretch their muscles and enhance their overall fitness levels.

For those seeking a more dynamic and energetic experience, HIIT, boxing (Repton Boxing Club) and Jiu-jitsu (Louis Bricusse) sessions were available, providing an outlet for stress release and instilling a sense of confidence and self-defence. Participants eagerly embraced these physical challenges, showcasing their enthusiasm and determination throughout the day.

As the day progressed, a friendly game of rugby was organised, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to bond over a shared passion for sport. The competitive yet light-hearted nature of the game fostered a sense of solidarity and teamwork among the participants.


To complement the holistic wellness experience, a wide selection of healthy food and beverages were on offer, providing nourishment and sustenance to fuel the attendees’ active lifestyles.

No stone was left unturned in ensuring that the festival catered to every aspect of well-being.

To conclude the eventful day, a barbecue was arranged, allowing attendees to unwind and savour delicious food while reminiscing about the memorable moments shared throughout the festival.

The atmosphere was filled with laughter and a deep sense of satisfaction, as individuals reflected on the significance of prioritising their well-being.


A particular highlight of the Construction Wellness Festival was the Ice Bath Challenge, which dared participants to take a dip in freezing waters.

This exhilarating and nerve-wracking activity served as a symbolic representation of pushing personal boundaries and embracing new experiences.

Many brave souls accepted the challenge, overcoming their fears and emerging invigorated.


The success of the Construction Wellness Festival highlighted the industry’s increasing commitment to employee well-being and mental health. By providing a platform for relaxation, physical activity, and camaraderie, PHD Access and Powerday showcased their dedication to fostering a positive work environment.

The event received overwhelming positive feedback from attendees, who expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to prioritise their well-being in a supportive and engaging setting.

As the first of its kind, the Construction Wellness Festival left an indelible mark on the industry, demonstrating that investing in employee well-being is a vital component of a thriving and sustainable workforce. PHD Access and Powerday have set the stage for future events that will undoubtedly continue to promote a culture of wellness within the construction sector.

Thank you to everyone who attended the first Construction Wellness Festival, we hope you enjoyed yourself.


Esmée Gummer

PAWS in work

Construction Sport


Jess Fraser

Repton Boxing Club

Louis Bricusse