PHD braved the Enter the Ice Challenge

Published: Nov 28 2022

On Saturday 5th November, PHD Access, in partnership with Powerday, ConstructionSport, and Superbeam, hosted an ice bath challenge – ENTER THE ICE.

The overall challenge was designed to promote practical ways of improving our mental health on a day-to-day basis, and the benefits that cold water therapy has on our mental wellbeing.

Special guest Alex Eslick, from Eslick Alchemy, joined us to help with breath work, grounding, and meditation before our volunteers stepped into the ice.



While it’s important that we nurture each aspect of our physiology—it is our minds that offer an unbeatable sense of power. Going into the cold helps to stimulate the chemicals in our brain that dictate the way we feel, our focus, and attention.

Benefits of Ice Baths:

  • Lift your mood and mental state – Ice baths naturally create balance and increase the levels of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and feel-good serotonin.
  • Enjoy a good night’s sleep – More than 80% of athletes taking post exercise ice baths report improved mental state and far better sleep patterns.
  • Drive your body further – By exposing your body to colder temperatures, you’re able to alter the behaviour of your fat cells.
  • Reach beyond your limits – Shift your system into gear with cold water therapy by challenging your body to function beyond its comfort zone.


Zoe O, from PHD said,

“So what did I learn? To cope with the cold-water stress, I had to focus on the present situation, having that internal dialogue with myself to say, “it’s ok, you’ve got this, just breathe”.

I think the most challenging bit was actually getting the courage to do it in the first place as I hate feeling cold, that was when I was most anxious…the fear of the unknown.”

The Enter the Ice Challenge was a great success, with the overall feeling at the end of the day being positive… but cold.