Returning Citizens – NASC Talking Heads

Published: Sep 2 2022

As part of PHD’s ongoing efforts to address the labour market challenges, we are proud to be involved in the NASC’s newly launched Returning Citizens campaign.

Who Are Returning Citizens?

Returning citizens is the term of reference the NASC are using for ex-offenders, as they believe that if someone has been punished with a custodial sentence for a past crime and they want the opportunity to change their life.

NASC Talking Heads

In promotion for the Returning Citizens programme, the NASC created a Talking Heads video, which features Lukasz R., a site manager for PHD Access. Lukasz is one of many who has served time and since leaving prison, has turned his life around.

NASC’s Campaign

The NASC is currently working with a variety of stakeholders to increase the number of returning citizens that enter the scaffolding industry upon completion of their sentence. The NASC is also working with a wide range of partners in the criminal justice sector including prisons, probation services, the Police and specialist charities dedicated to reducing recidivism and creating employment opportunities.

Initiatives are taking place across the UK to achieve this goal, some of which sees returning citizens complete the COTS course while in custody, whilst others will be referred from programmes that require full time employment as a condition of their eligibility and continued liberty. Participating NASC members have made a commitment to offer guaranteed interviews to any candidates referred through the NASC’s stringent vetting process.

Lukasz R’s Story

I grew up in a tough part of Poland. Unfortunately, I was drawn into crime in my early teens and ended up in prison. During my sentence I became part of a gang that ran the prison underworld. I would lay at night thinking how much I had let my family down. I served my sentence and left prison, eventually ending up in London to escape my criminal past in Poland. I worked as a door man in a variety of night clubs.

One day I was introduced to church by a friend, and after a spiritual battle, I surrendered to God and completely turned my life around. Now, I am a site manager to one of the UK’s leading scaffolding and access companies, I’m getting married next year, and I volunteer in prisons through my church, where I share my life to the current inmates hoping to help them change their life and find hope on the outside.

I believe everybody deserves a second chance in life, and I am proud PHD are highlighting the benefits returning citizens can bring to the construction sector.


Lukasz’s story and enthusiasm for helping those hoping for a second chance once leaving the prison system is why we at PHD are creating our own Returning Citizens Programme, with the help of the NASC. More details will follow in the upcoming months.