Life Sciences

Published: Aug 18 2022

PHD Access has worked extensively within the life science and healthcare sectors. Our clients include a manufacturing facility, a global pharmaceutical company, a leading hospital for children and a cancer centre. Due to NDAs, we aren’t able to tell you much about the projects, but we can assure you that they are all high-calibre, complex and highly regarded by our clients.

We are proud to have been a part of such important work, and we’re looking forward to continuing to do great things in this field.

Manufacturing Facility

Location: Leixlip, Ireland
Access Value: €37 million

In 2019, our client, a world-leading Semiconductor Manufacturer, began work on one of the largest construction projects in Europe at its campus in Leixlip, Co. Kildare. The project, on which more than €7 billion has already been spent, will double our client’s manufacturing space in Ireland and pave the way for the production of their 7nm process technology.

PHD Access first worked with Exyte in Denmark on a similar project. Prior experience of working with PHD, knowing PHD’s capability and capacity to work in the Republic of Ireland and already being approved on their supply chain, PHD were awarded the scaffolding contract.

PHD provided bridging, suspended access and independent access scaffolds within a live manufacturing facility environment with nearly every scaffold being a specialist access solution.

This project presented many challenges as there were strict protocols to follow and many stakeholders to collaborate with. Large amounts of work were carried out within ‘Clean Room category Level 4’ where risk controls were vigorously measured and monitored to ensure the highest levels of compliance.

Manufacturing Facility

Location: Dundalk, Ireland
Access value: €5 million

In 2019, our client, a global Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) offering end-to-end solutions that enable partners to discover, develop and manufacture biologics, invested €325 million in a new biopharmaceuticals contract manufacturing facility in Dundalk, Co. Louth. Located mid-way between Dublin and Belfast.

PHD were brought in a short notice to provided bridging, Loading Gantry’s, suspended access and independent access scaffolds within a live manufacturing facility environment with nearly every scaffold being a specialist access solution. This project presented many challenges as there were strict protocols to follow and many stakeholders to collaborate with. Large amounts of work were carried out within extremely congested areas, clean rooms. PHD proved repeatedly to be the right choice for the client.

Global Pharmaceutical

Location: Cambridge
Access Value: £2million

PHD were engaged by the main contractor to provide scaffolding and access services to a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical Research & Development facility for a global biomedical giant.

PHD used a combination of tube & fitting scaffold and Layher system scaffold on this project. We supplied and erected a vast ‘birdcage scaffold’ (freestanding working platforms) with traditional scaffolding to enable the tradesmen to work safely on the roof, allowing the supporting timber framework to be fixed into place.

Protection screens were used on the external scaffold structure to provide insulation and to prevent water and moisture to penetrate the new timber structures.

PHD installed a Layher system staircases for site operatives to access the buildings. The Layher system staircases are safe and sturdy for the tradesmen and also act as a means of fire escape.

A temporary rolling Layher roof was erected over the access to basement of the building to enable materials to be lowered into the basement area and keep it dry from the weather

We erected scaffolding in the tunnel connecting the energy centre and main building so that it could be supported while the works were being carried out.

Children’s Hospital

Location: London
Access Value: £800,000

The project included the demolition of the existing building and replaced with a cutting-edge advanced research centre that allowed the hospital to be world leaders in developing the fundamental basis of paediatric diseases.

PHD supplied independent access with stairs to every level, fan protection as extra precaution to prevent falling debris, bridging sections with 780mm beams, hoist platforms with run off platforms into the building, loading bays, internal birdcage scaffolding for the interior contractors, double staircase in Layher for contractors and also as a fire escape.

Additionally, we provided a Loading Gantry for equipment and materials external to the site, so that the emergency routes wouldn’t be affected by deliveries. PHD also provided three mast-climbing platforms for the installation of the sloping roof.

The hospital was fully operational 24/7 throughout. There had to be minimal impact to the hospital, its workforce, and its patients. All access and delivery points were external to the site. We adopted ‘out of hours’ working so that we could keep the ‘blue’ emergency route fully operational at all times.

Cancer Centre

Location: Sutton
Access Value: £500k

The striking new building provides new outpatient facilities, medical day-care, and collaboration space for clinical researchers to accelerate cancer diagnosis and treatment for patients.

PHD provided the external access for the brickwork façade. Internally, 500 sqm birdcage was erected for the installation of the atrium roof. Shrink-wrap screens were installed to provide weather tight conditions. PHD also provided and installed the goods hoist.

The client had water ingress issues to the West side of the building. PHD designed and supplied Tube and Fitting scaffold frames covered with shrink wrap to create a watertight environment.

The client was very satisfied with the neat and high-quality service from PHD Access. All works were completed within the allocated timescales and budget with minimum amount of labour.

Covid19 Temporary Hospital

Location: Cardiff
Access Value: Confidential

As part of the rapid response to the United Kingdom’s Covid-19 pandemic, a temporary Hospital was created in Cardiff to service the Welsh population. Within 10 days the first 300 of a potential 2,000 beds were made available.

Upon completion the 2,000-bed capacity hospital included mobile x-ray units, CT scanners, a pharmacy, and an end-of-life pathway of care for people in the last weeks or days of their life.

Over 15,000m2 of tented, temperature air-conditioned hospital space was created including elevated wards on large raised modular scaffold platforms. We constructed an additional three tents built on scaffold 3.5m(H) measuring 100m (L) x10 (W) each. To put the size and scale into context, the main field tented structure was eight times the size of Glastonbury’s main stage! There was 11km of panels used for bed heads and screening, 150km of electrical cabling, 61km of IT cable, 44 new toilets, 300 additional sinks, 120 tonnes of oxygen supply, 55 Arctics of Scaffold and enough temporary power to run 11,000 homes.

One of the biggest build challenges involved installing the new required oxygen, water, sanitary, power and HVAC services into the playing pitch area. In particular heating and cooling was a mechanical and engineering challenge with very large, complex ventilation ducting networks designed within days.

Extensive rigging experience allowed for the hanging of the extremely large steel supply ducting from the stadium’s regular roof truss, all to free up valuable floor space, combined with running innovative fabric ducts at 2.5m x 2.5m, neatly threaded through the modular scaffold support grid.

We implemented Co-Vid working control measures, which followed the advice of the latest guidelines from NHS and Public Health England/Wales. From the outset, we created a proactive, yet protective stance including an online induction and medical questionnaire prior to site arrival. This was an industry first innovation and has now become common place across all industries.