Hard work always pays off – Vlad Bostan

Published: Jun 30 2022

PHD want to tackle the public perception of our industry by showing what scaffolding really is, and who the people behind the hi-vis really are. Working in the construction industry requires the skills of problem-solving, creative intelligence and dependability.

Meet Vlad, a contracts manager at PHD Access. Vlad pivoted his career from working as a prosecutor’s assistant to working within the access and scaffolding industry. We asked Vlad on his thoughts about the construction industry.

What is the public’s perception of scaffolders?

“The public idea of what a scaffolder is, is so far off the reality.”

How did you get into scaffolding?

“I’ve studied law and then I was a prosecutor’s assistant and then I decided to change the industry and move to a new country and move into scaffolding. Prior to joining PHD, I’ve heard that the industry is quite rough, but once I joined this company, I realized that people are quite forward thinking here, and very nice.

“We see loads of negative feedback online. I challenge anyone to come and work with us and you’ll find for yourselves loads of friends, and very creative people. They solve problems every day.

“When I was studying law, I had no idea. I wouldn’t imagine that I would end up in this industry. No way – but this will be something that I’ll probably do for the rest of my life.”

What opportunities are there in scaffolding?

“There’s a lot of opportunities in this business because the career progression can be very quick. If you put your head into it and you work every day, you work hard, you try to progress. I mean, you can see myself, I’ve been only in the country for seven years and look at where I am at now. Hard work always pays off.”

What are your tips for success?

“I try to do my best every day at work. I try to be the best in what I do. I always try to push the boundaries a bit. If I can do a better job, I always do it. I feel looked after and PHD does care for me a lot.”

Thank you Vlad!

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