PHD Employee Saves the Day

Published: Oct 22 2021

Last Friday morning, one of our managers, Danny Pleasants, was involved in an incident where he selflessly sacrificed his own safety to protect that of a young child. As Danny stepped off the 474 Bus on his way to work in Woolwich, he noticed a moped speeding dangerously towards a schoolgirl that was crossing the road. Without hesitation, Danny pushed the girl clear of the moped and took the impact himself, suffering some minor injury but no doubt saving the young girl from what could have been a very serious injury.

I was extremely concerned when I was made aware that Danny had been involved in a road traffic incident and was hit by a moped on his way to work, to hear the cause of this was due to him nobly putting the safety of a child before his own is commendable and we are all enormously proud of him and wish him a speedy recovery.” – HSEQ Director Olly Mansell

At PHD we have a positive safety culture and also run Road Safety Seminars supported by TfL to increase driver awareness of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. This is on top of having FORS silver accreditation for our fleet operators which aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations, and to demonstrate which operators are achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.