World Clean Up Day 2021

Published: Sep 21 2021

Volunteers from PHD Access, in association with BITA (British Irish Trading Alliance) took part in World Clean Up Day last week. We started at our Head Office in Uxbridge and cleared litter all the way up to the Grand Union canal.

Some of the smaller bits of litter such as bottle top, cigarette butts would be something we would normally just walk past. Once we started looking we realised there was so much along the pathways!” said Zoe O’Rourke.

We have since found out that Cigarette butts take up to 10 years to decompose so we have decided to put up some notices around the building to encourage smokers to dispose of their cigarettes properly. The experience also gave people from different departments to work together and so there was an added benefit of getting to know each other better. The volunteers managed to fill x3 large bags of litter.

The activity has made us much more aware of the litter in our immediate environment and we are planning another litter picking day already.