Quick Tips to Reduce Stress with London Irish Rugby FC

Published: Feb 12 2021

PHD has been working in collaboration with London Irish Rugby as part of our sponsorship with the team to create a two-part mini-series focusing on health, wellbeing and celebrating Irish pride and community.

Our first video offers three quick tips on how to relieve stress by London Irish’s Psychologist, Michael Roberts.

Michael said, “At the moment it’s a particularly stressful and difficult time for everyone. Usually what happens with stress is that it can rise significantly, particularly when we don’t think we’ve got the ability to handle the demands of a situation.

So, what we try to do with the players is to help them resource some of the skills and abilities on how to face difficult situations, especially when at home after a long day. It’s vitally important to be able to just kick back and relax.”

0:48 – Quick Tip 1: Breathing Exercises

The first quick tip focuses you on creating a slow and steady breathing technique, with a deep four second breathe in through your nose, hold for two, and then exhale out your mouth for four.

1:14 – Quick Tip 2: Planning

The second quick tip highlights how you can use action-planning to alleviate worry or stress about a situation by forward-thinking.

2:00 – Quick Tip 3:  Switching into a Hobby

The final tip from Michael suggests that instead of trying to switch off after a stressful day, it would be more beneficial to concentrate on another activity which you enjoy.


Our next video will look at what stretches you can do for physical benefits.