Quick Stretches for Physical Benefits with London Irish Rugby FC

Published: Feb 19 2021

PHD has been working in collaboration with London Irish Rugby as part of our sponsorship with the team to create a two-part mini-series focusing on health, wellbeing and celebrating Irish pride and community.

This video offers a series of stretches you can easily do after a long, intensive day at work to increase your physical wellbeing. Matt Lamin, one of the stretch conditioning coaches at London Irish, along with players Ben Donnell and Caolan Englefield, showcase the three simple stretches you can use on a daily basis.

These stretches should only take 10 minutes a day but can add a huge physical benefit to your health.

The Stretches

0:29 – Crucifix Stretch
Lay down flat on a mat and put your arms out to the side. Raise a straight leg and bring your toes to your fingertips, creating a stretch through the glute and the lower back. Keep your opposite shoulder pinned on the floor. Hold position for 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

1:20 – Spider Man Stretch with Rotation
Start in a press-up position and bring one foot outside of your hand. Feed the opposing hand under your leg and reach around pointing towards the ceiling. Eyes should follow your fingertips to maintain alignment through the back. Hold in each position for 5 seconds and then repeat on other leg.

1:52 – Inch Worms Stretch
Start in a standing position and reach down towards your toes. Walk your hands out until you’ve formed a press-up position. From here, take small steps to bring your feet back in alignment with your hands, then return to a standing position. You will then reverse this action by reaching down towards your toes, putting your hands on the floor whilst tip-toeing your feet back until you reach press-up position. Walk your hands back to your feet and slowly curve your spine back up until you’ve returned to a standing position.