PHD encourages kids to consider the Construction Industry

Published: Nov 13 2019

On Wednesday 16th October, PHD visited Sacred Heart Primary School in Ruislip to encourage their Year 5 children to consider the construction industry as a career choice.

Our team of Zoe O’Rourke, Nicole Pearson, and Sofia Sanchez held an interactive presentation where the kids had to guess the five points of PPE, figure out how heavy a 3ft scaffolding tube weighed, and learn about the various roles available within the industry. By linking the specialised skills attributed to the careers in the construction industry to the work the children are currently learning at school, it will hopefully make them think about joining the sector when they are older.

The kids were also treated to a live build of a 2m3 birdcage by our scaffolders, and the children were quick to point out all the PPE the team were wearing.

We also brought in a VR headset the children were allowed to try out, which we had programmed to view different scaffolding builds.

At the end of the presentation we had a Q&A session for the children to ask any questions. An obvious question was, “What happens if you fall off the scaffolding from really high up?”. This gave us the opportunity to reiterate the importance of safety by following the rules, wearing correct PPE and the use of the safety harness to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Ms Morahan, the deputy head of Sacred Heart Primary School commented,

“Thank you so much to you all for what you did both in preparing for and presenting today’s session for our pupils. It was such a great success – you got the balance absolutely right in regards sharing information, getting the children actively involved and having the visual of watching the construction of the scaffolding. You really went beyond what I had imagined. The children will really have gained so much from this afternoon.”

To finish off the day, PHD set a competition to the students to create a persuasive poster promoting careers in the construction industry, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

We were completely overwhelmed with the efforts from all the children who participated in the competition. Our 1st prize winner went to Michael M with his 3D poster, 2nd prize to Alessia B for her colourful ‘consider construction’ design, and 3rd place is Katie L for her PHD inspired poster.

Judging was tough, so we also awarded nine other students as worthy mentions, including Amelia S, and Nicole G for the 3D scaffolding models.

Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place posters are currently proudly displayed in our head office reception.