Published: Apr 12 2017


As part of PHD’s sustainability programme we are committed to providing young persons the opportunity to excel in the scaffolding industry. Working closely with not only our local council but councils across the London boroughs we have been proud to mentor several young people to forge a path for themselves in the scaffolding sector. PHD are actively researching different areas within the business where apprentices can attain the skills, knowledge and training required for a successful career at PHD.

PHD have recently taken on 11 new apprentices and will be talking to them about their experiences, their expectations and also to find out more about them over the course of their time with PHD.




” I’ve always seen myself having a career in construction. I like heights and like to be outside. I also like being part of a team, so I thought why not? I was impressed that they provided all the PPE, I’ve never worked anywhere before where they do that. PHD have been very thorough in the information they gave us and it’s been easy to speak to someone when we’ve needed it, they get things sorted out.” Jahmal, 21


” I was looking for a new challenge and wanted something with more of a career path. I’m 21 and want to move out soon and get a place of my own. I want to come out as a fully qualified scaffolder with good wages and a stable job working for a trustworthy company, which is what I think PHD will give me. Looking forward to getting my COTS card and getting on to site.” Jack, 21


” I was sick and tired of working for agencies, not knowing for certain if I had a job one week to the next. I want a career, a proper qualification, permanent employment and not to worry that I don’t have a job. I am self-motivated and like to finish what I start, so I will see this through.” Ashley, 20



To see if there are any apprenticeship opportunities available with PHD right now, check out our vacancies page.