PHD launches new venture with PHD MAST CLIMBERS in collaboration with ALIMAK-HEK

Published: Jun 30 2015

PHD Management and Shareholders recognise the pivotal role that Mast Climbing Work Platforms will play in the booming construction industry in the UK.  Over the next 6 months, PHD has taken the initiative in purchasing a new fleet of 100 machines to meet the potential demand.

The machines will be supplied by renowned UK manufacturer ALIMAK-HEK UK LTD.  Alimak is a name synonymous with Hoists and Mast Climbing Platforms – being the premier supplier in the UK and Europe for a number of years. This collaboration with Alimak also emphasizes the importance PHD place in the use of a UK manufacturer – giving us and the end user the confidence in quality and prompt after-sales service.

An independent division will operate this new venture, thus enabling PHD to offer our valued clients a complete access solutions package.

A MoU was signed by the two companies recently and we expect the first delivery of Mast Climbing Platforms in August.